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$100/month includes

1 class a week (up to 4 classes a month) 


$125/month includes 

2 classes a week (up to 8 classes a month) 


$150/month for unlimited classes


$80 per class

60-minute private class * discount available for purchasing a package of 10 private classes


Available for Seminars 

Contact us for specific pricing


Additional information for students

  • Uniform is required, shirts available for purchase at BMA ($10-$20 depending on style and fabric)

  • Gloves will be provided (or bring your own)

    • Handwraps are not provided, but are available for purchase at BMA 

  • Men's and women's locker rooms available, remember to bring your own lock


Free trial class students

No uniform required, handwraps and gloves will be provided




5:30-7pm: Boxing Level 3

7-8pm: Boxing Level 1


6-7pm: Boxing Level 2

7-8pm: Thai Boxing Level 1 & 2

8-9pm: Thai Boxing Level 3


6-7:30pm: Boxing Level 3


11am-12pm: Boxing Level 1 & 2

6-7pm: Boxing Level 2

7-8pm: Thai Boxing Level 1 & 2

8-9pm: Submission/Grappling Class


5-6pm: Boxing Level 1


10am-11am: Boxing Level 1

11am-12pm: Boxing Level 2

12-1pm: American Kickboxing Level 1&2

1-2pm: Stretching/Flexibility Training

Level 1 Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Kickboxing: basic offensive techniques and combinations


Level 2 Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Kickboxing: offensive, defensive techniques and defensive counter techniques

Level 3 Boxing: sparring drills and sparring


Check back often for schedule updates and additional classes.

Class level will be changed upon approval of instructor.

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